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BRIEF: Troy Council continues budget meetings
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As the cities and towns across Montana continue to form their budgets for the upcoming year, the Troy City Council met last week to examine department requests.

The Troy City Council met for its second budget meeting on Wednesday at 4 p.m. Mayor Darren Coldwell, and council members Joe Arts, Kim Rowse and Dallas Carr were present along with City Clerk Tracy Rebo.

The council discussed maintenance on the dump truck, and ultimately decided not to purchase a new dump truck yet, cutting cost in debt services, a reserve fund for a new electric utility pickup and cutting cost in heating for city hall by installing ductless heat pumps.

The council also discussed Troy Town Hall needing repairs. According to Rebo, they do not have the funding as of now. The bricks and roof are deteriorating, but the bricks can’t be repaired and replacing the roof could cause the building to collapse. The council members estimated the building to be over a hundred years old.

The City Council will hold two more budget meetings, but have not scheduled these meetings as of Monday afternoon.

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