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A vault with a lot of creativity
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A new “vault” in Pauls Valley hopes to get really creative with plenty of art, while also serving as a kind of new meeting place in town.

Leading the way is Susie Agee for what she calls The Vault Art Space and Gathering Space in downtown PV, specifically at 111 East Paul.

“The hope is to have events for artists as well as celebrations,” Agee said shortly after a recent open house.

When Agee says celebrations she means renting out the gallery for gatherings like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or even corporate meetings.

It was last October when Jasen Agee began the move into the building owned by her father’s company as one of Edward Jones’ new local offices.

What they found was there is a whole lot of space there, enough for something else.

“We ended up with a lot more space than we needed,” Susie says.

“We were thinking of how to use the space. It’s so historical, so we wanted to preserve the features in the building that are so historic.

“This is something else,” she said about having an art gallery there.

Those features include an old turn-of-the-century ceiling and a wall still showing the old stucco and brick.

To help Agee asked local historian Adrienne Grimmett to bring in some old photos of the building.

A couple of photos dated about a century ago show at that time it was a cafe and livery store with equipment for horses.

Agee says her own father suggested the idea of turning the extra space into an art gallery.

“It’s an art gallery and a place to have events and meetings; a place to have art exhibits as events,” she said.

“We’re not going to sponsor artists on an ongoing basis. We don’t hold an inventory of art. This is a place for artists that have a body of work that they’re prepared to market; that they want to sell.

“Exhibits will be changing periodically with different things to see.

“I’ve been so pleased to learn about how many artists there are in close proximity to Pauls Valley. There are people doing art everywhere and we’re just not aware of it.”

An interesting discovery was made when they were moving into the space. The surprise in the back was a large old style steel vault.

The vault’s door was salvaged and is now displayed right there in the gallery.

And yes, that’s how the new art gallery got its name.

Yet another bonus is also in the back, what’s now called the Legacy Room.

Although there won’t be any gambling, the room now has some of the old equipment from PV’s old Elks Club, such as a blackjack table and bingo sign.

Both the gallery and Legacy Room will be available to rent. Agee says the gallery can seat 80 people, while the Legacy Room can hold 40.

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