AAA  Sep. 20, 2014
Changes at JetBlue
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JetBlue Airways is getting a new CEO, and analysts expect a greater focus on pleasing investors and less of one on passengers.

The company’s stock had worse performance than Southwest Airlines, United Continental and other rivals last year, and it had been on track to do so again this year. That is, until JetBlue’s stock began rallying in May amid speculation that a new, more shareholder-friendly CEO was coming in. JetBlue said this week that Robin Hayes, currently JetBlue’s president, would take over as CEO in February, confirming the speculation.

Analysts are looking forward to a meeting with JetBlue executives in November, where they want to hear about Hayes’ plans to boost profits. Possible moves include packing more seats onto planes and striking an agreement on JetBlue-branded credit cards.

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