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08-31-2014 01:02:05 AM ET
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Change $
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions Inc21.791.24180
AEISAdvanced Energy Industries Inc19.250.23176
AIRMAir Methods Corp58.660.14143
AMOTAllied Motion Technologies Inc16.350.2139
AMIDAmerican Midstream Partners LP29.81-0.1920
AMPEAmpio Pharmaceuticals Inc4.690.06733
AIVApartment Investment & Management Company34.270.18644
ARCWARC Group Worldwide Inc19.960.9290
ABIOARCA biopharma Inc00.000
ARRYArray BioPharma Inc3.950.08813
ARWArrow Electronics Inc62.250.39331
ASCMAAscent Capital Group Inc62.410.0629
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies Inc2.831.012,087
BLLBall Corp64.10.43672
BBGBill Barrett Corporation22.770.31598
BIOFBioFuel Energy Corp12.610.30513
BDMSBirner Dental Management Services Inc16.70.601
BCEIBonanza Creek Energy Inc61.412.28724
CNTYCentury Casinos Inc5.18-0.1072
CMGChipotle Mexican Grill Inc678.650.81181
CBRCIBER Inc3.820.02187
XECCimarex Energy Co145.162.19599
CLVSClovis Oncology Inc47.56-0.19389
COBZCoBiz Financial Inc11.550.0745
CORCoreSite Realty Corp35.070.36107
CREDCredo Petroleum Corporation---
CROXCrocs Inc15.45-0.02471
CSGSCSG Systems International Inc27.720.0668
DVADaVita HealthCare Partners Inc74.680.26545
DPMDCP Midstream Partners LP56.580.35221
DCTDCT Industrial Trust Inc7.950.023,568
DGIDigitalGlobe Inc30.370.16357
DISHDISH Network Corp64.810.08643
HILLDot Hill Systems Corp3.640.07231
BOOMDynamic Materials Corp19.960.0654
ESTEEarthstone Energy Inc35.750.2612
SATSEchoStar Corp50.430.61126
BAGLEinstein Noah Restaurant Group Inc14.230.1827
EVOLEvolving Systems Inc9.44-0.1225
FSTForest Oil Corp1.630.04839
GAIAGaiam Inc7.420.2017
GSXGasco Energy, Inc.---
GMOGeneral Moly Inc0.940.01181
GEVOGevo Inc0.52020.052,053
GOROGold Resource Corp6.20.011,147
AUMNGolden Minerals Co1.110.0689
GSSGolden Star Resources Ltd0.482-0.011,182
GTIMGood Times Restaurants Inc4.01-0.0430
GBNKGuaranty Bancorp13.93-0.0120
HNRGHallador Energy Co13.450.0817
HSKAHeska Corp13.890.2145
IHSIHS Inc142.471.41243
IOSPInnospec Inc42.18-0.1236
IPIIntrepid Potash Inc15.33-0.21394
JNSJanus Capital Group Inc12.150.041,115
KOGKodiak Oil & Gas Corp16.270.453,513
LVLTLevel 3 Communications Inc44.960.44926
LBTYALiberty Global PLC43.67-0.436,022
LINTALiberty Interactive Corp29.520.231,310
LMCALiberty Media Corporation49.230.17476
MDCM D C Holdings Inc29.010.16543
MPETMagellan Petroleum Corp2.060.08191
MWEMarkWest Energy Partners LP79.730.95756
MLABMesa Laboratories Inc71.20.627
MDWMidway Gold Corp0.94-0.01710
TAPMolson Coors Brewing Co73.950.33735
TAP.AMolson Coors Brewing Co---
MCPMolycorp Inc1.790.052,645
NCMINational CineMedia Inc14.60.15132
NGVCNatural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage Inc18.450.38120
NEMNewmont Mining Corp27.090.233,846
PDCEPDC Energy Inc60.092.07496
PENXPenford Corp13.620.5129
PPCPilgrims Pride Corp29.870.00820
PCYOPure Cycle Corp6.520.077
QEPQEP Resources Inc35.570.301,015
RSOLReal Goods Solar Inc.---
RECVRecovery Energy, Inc.---
RRGBRed Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc53.10.03125
RENResolute Energy Corp8.030.12365
RMCFRocky Mountain Chocolate12.960.2512
RGLDRoyal Gold Inc77.751.30464
SMSM Energy Co89.041.281,108
XPLSolitario Exploration & Royalty Corp1.50.0520
SPNCSpectranetics Corp28.38-0.09358
SRTStarTek Inc7.250.1027
SYRGSynergy Resources Corp13.46-0.05831
TTECTeleTech Holdings Inc26.850.20109
TCThompson Creek Metals Co Inc2.87-0.06943
TLPTransMontaigne Partners LP44-0.4720
TPLMTriangle Petroleum Corp11.990.03960
TWTCtw telecom inc41.040.31392
UDRUDR Inc29.920.161,227
UQMUQM Technologies Inc1.61-0.0278
URGUr-Energy Inc1.070.01417
MTNVail Resorts Inc79.490.71107
APPYVenaxis Inc1.730.02108
VGZVista Gold Corp0.46810.0078
WUWestern Union Co17.47-0.024,010
WLBWestmoreland Coal Co42.01-0.0381
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corp92.662.401,254
WWDWoodward Inc52.230.32133
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