Purchasing Unlimited Access (for Customer Support)



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 Warning and Pay Wall Messages (for Customer Support)

The News Archive Portal, powered by Google One Pass, monitors your number of News Archive article views. As a reader, you are allowed to view a set number of unique articles. After viewing a few articles, you are presented with a warning message that indicates which content you have unlimited access to and which content will require you to purchase an access plan to read beyond your free article views. You can either sign up for access now or continue reading your article.


After viewing you final free article view, you are presented with a pay wall message that indicates that you must now use Google One Pass' secure online access service (via Google Checkout) to purchase an access plan to obtain unlimited access to News Archive content. If you already purchased an access plan, sign in to Google One Pass using the Google account associated with your purchase.



 Access Plans

The News Archive offers the following access plans:

  • Daily pass

  • Weekly pass

  • Monthly pass (continuous service)


 Purchasing Access

To purchase an access plan:

  1. Click I'd Like to Sign Up in the pay wall message window.
    Result: Google Checkout launches.



  1. Sign in to Google Checkout with your Google account.

  2. Select the appropriate access plan; then click the Google Checkout button. Prices are subject to change.


  1. Specify all details to add your payment method; then click Add payment method. If desired, you may add multiple payment methods.



If necessary, Google Checkout computes the appropriate sales tax.



  1. Click Complete your purchase to enjoy unlimited access to News Archive content!



The Associated Press reserves the right to modify the content, type and availability of any digital product at any time.

Only one person may use each account (user name and password) associated with a purchased product.