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09-15-2014 05:33:52 AM ET
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TickerNamePrice $Price
Change $
AAONAAON Inc18.5-0.39114
ACMPAccess Midstream Partners LP64-1.76322
AEYAddvantage Technologies Group Inc2.420.06160
AHGPAlliance Holdings GP LP73.25-0.1432
ARLPAlliance Resource Partners LP49.09-0.2177
APAGFApco Oil and Gas International Inc13.160.4954
BANFPBFC Capital Trust II27.66-0.746
BKEPBlueknight Energy Partners LP8.38-0.0811
BOKFBOK Financial Corp68.680.4590
CHKChesapeake Energy Corp24.91-0.446,496
CHKRChesapeake Granite Wash Trust10.37-0.04118
GSJKCompressco Partners LP26.24-0.66147
CLRContinental Resources Inc72.88-2.912,571
DVNDevon Energy Corp69.95-0.683,611
EDUCEducational Development Corp4.90.020
HPHelmerich & Payne Inc100.82-2.05961
LPILaredo Petroleum Inc23.83-0.621,891
LXULSB Industries Inc37.81-1.12154
MMPMagellan Midstream Partners, L.P.81.5-1.02949
MTRXMatrix Service Co24.2-0.13338
NGLNGL Energy Partners LP42.12-0.76212
OGEOGE Energy Corp36.22-0.77770
OKEONEOK Inc67.62-1.711,381
OKSONEOK Partners LP56.8-1.26280
TISOrchids Paper Products Co25.86-0.4962
PHXPanhandle Oil and Gas Inc60.08-2.0077
PSTRPostRock Energy Corp1.120.0019
RRMSRose Rock Midstream LP57.970.2115
SDSandRidge Energy Inc4.93-0.086,564
SDTSandRidge Mississippian Trust I4.89-0.10235
SDRSandRidge Mississippian Trust II6.30.02546
PERSandRidge Permian Trust10.68-0.15248
SEMGSemgroup Corp85.25-1.62344
SONCSonic Corp21.87-0.16449
OKSBSouthwest Bancorp Inc16.5-0.1840
UNTUnit Corp62.15-1.15147
WMBWilliams Companies Inc56.2-1.246,325
WPZWilliams Partners LP53.87-0.741,094
WPXWPX Energy Inc25.26-0.461,981
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