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AAA  16 Aug. 2016 7:36 AM ET
Polish woman in labor gets helping hand from tram driver
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(AP) — A Polish woman who went into labor on the way to a hospital got a helping hand from a tram driver who used string from an umbrella to tie off the umbilical cord.

Paulina Kacperska and her husband were driving to a hospital in Poznan Thursday morning when Kacperska started giving birth.

Kacperska said in an interview on TVN24: "I told him 'pull over and get out, you have to deliver (the baby) because I can feel the head coming out.'"

By chance, her husband pulled over near a tram stop where a driver was working who had worked as a midwife in the past.

The driver, Dorota Kaczmarek, arrived in time to tie off the umbilical cord of the healthy baby boy, who was named Fabian.

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