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AAA  May. 19, 2017 1:49 PM ET
Man shot by police after calling in fake shooting report
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(AP) — A man was shot and wounded by officers in northern Virginia after police say he called 911 to report a shooting that didn't happen, described the SUV he was driving, then struck pursuing cruisers.

Prince William County police said in a statement that after Manassas City Police officers tried to stop the SUV the caller described Friday, the SUV hit two cruisers before stopping in a parking lot.

Spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Perok says there was a confrontation and the 18-year-old driver was shot. He has serious injuries, but is expected to survive. A BB gun was recovered at the scene. Perok says officers and a 15-year-old girl inside the SUV weren't injured.

Manassas Police Chief Doug Keen says six officers are on administrative leave, including two involved in the shooting.

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