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Fund Quickrank
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 Instructions for Fund Quickrank
Welcome to's quick and easy fund ranking system.
This tool lets you screen and rank's database of more than 22,500 funds.
  1. Choose a broad fund category from the first pull-down list.
  2. Choose a ranking field from the second pull-down list.
  3. Click on the View Results button to see how the funds rank on the field you have chosen.
Narrower fund categories:
Each broad fund category contains narrower fund categories within it. For example, if you're interested in the specialty-technology funds that have the highest Morningstar Ratings, you should first screen on U.S. Stock Funds with the highest Morningstar Rating. Once you get your results, you will get a new pull-down list of narrower fund categories, and Technology will be one of your new options. Choose Technology, and click View Results again to perform the ranking.
Results include distinct portfolios only. However, group/category average numbers and counts include all share classes.
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